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Remember the Target security breach last year? That happened because of a targeted spear phishing email that was sent to one of their vendors. Estimates are that the attack cost Target shareholders hundreds of millions of dollars.
In the last 12 months, 50% of companies have reported similar targeted spear phishing attacks with organizations such as Boston University and New York Times actually getting compromised.
These affected organizations all have SPAM filters in place – yet why are these attacks succeeding? The reason is that spear phishing emails are very different from SPAM. They are low volume, personalized and use the identity of someone the message recipient knows and trusts. Thus fighting spear phishing attacks is more about Impostor Detection rather than fighting crass Viagra ads – which is what SPAM filters are adept at.
AstraID has developed Impostor Detection technology over years of research and the technology is protected by issued and pending patents. Our PhishingGuardian product leverages this technology to offer a SaaS service that can protect organizations against phishing, spear phishing and social engineering attacks targeting their employees.
The product is live and actively being used by beta customers since September 2014. We are currently running a pilot program and are looking for organizations that are searching for a better solution.