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Nu3Kidz Organic gourmet pancake mix

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Nu3Kidz Product Description
Nu3Kidz line of pancakes offers high quality, healthy, nutritious and delicious pancakes. These pancakes are based on 100% Organic whole grains, vegetables and quinoa, three ingredients that offer: high quality protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and omega-3, all these qualities are point out by the USDA as must have in a kids’ meal.
Our Line of Pancakes:
• Beets & Quinoa
• Carrots & Quinoa
• Spinach & Quinoa
Our Benefits:
• A serving of Vegetables per day
• 22gr of Whole Grains per serving
• 12% daily value of Fiber
• Excellent source of Proteins
• Antioxidants
• Good source of Omega-3
Our Label: Nu3Kidz label is really clean which means that the ingredients are easily recognizable and not too many of them, besides all the ingredients are organic certified and there are no salt, no preservatives, no colors or flavors added in the mix.