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Hoppinin is the first mobile app to target casual events and “happenings”. Those hidden events -- the busker on the next block, the wandering food truck, the poetry slam, the celebrity sighting, the pickup basketball game, or ultimate Frisbee tournament, the yard sale with the bargain of the century, the blood drive or volunteer opportunity.
Not every event is a Hoppinin. A Hoppinin is an experience, large or small, that you want to share with others. Whether it is getting your friends together for a night out, or assembling a team for a game of Ultimate frisbee, or to enjoy the gift of a musician on the street corner. Moments of beauty, awe and joy.
Hoppinin is currently in alpha version, and we are looking for a few savvy tech pioneers, who want to be on the cutting edge of the next big thing. Adopt Hoppinin now and be the cool kid who always knows where the party is happening. You can be the gatekeeper to the secret world of on-the-fly gatherings and instant events.
We'd like to invite you to try Hoppinin and share your feedback! Take it out for a spin and check out its features. We can’t wait to hear what you think.
What’s Hoppinin – It’s not a question.