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So you want your event/product in our newsletter...

Every week we send out an email newsletter (thanks Constant Contact!) to thousands of subscribers (mostly in the Boston region).  We also send out a "day of" event newsletter.
Our newsletter promotes our events -- the big once-a-month Mass...

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Mass Innovation Nights Reunion - We're on a Boat!

More than 650 new products have launched with Mass Innovation Nights -- and it's time to get everyone back together again! Do you support innovation? Have you launched a product with us? Are you a regular MIN attendee or one of our VIPs?  We want...

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Mass Innovation Nights #64 at athenahealth

Usually I tell people to turn to the Mass Innovation Nights blog if they missed an event but it's going to be really hard to capture the super-cool goings on at MIN 64 in The Arsenal in Watertown in athenahealth's glorious...

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