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First BDay Bash is Looking Great

Yes! We are celebrating our first birthday back where we started. Alpha Loft on Elm St. November 4.
The event will be a normal Innovation Night, with exhibitors and presentations but the focus will be catching up with our "Alumni" companies...

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Mass Innovation Nights 78 - TripAdvisor

If you missed MIN #78 last night at TripAdvisor- boy, did you miss out!
Located at the brand new, two-month-old TripAdvisor Headquarters in Needham, Mass Innovation Nights 78 featured many different startups in a variety of fields. Beyond...

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Top 4 Vote Getters - August 13th, 2015

Congratulations to our Top 4 Vote Getters - August 13, 2015!
1st Place - CASWELL COMMUNICATIONS, Jan Caswell - 57 Votes2nd Place - Addvanz, Michael Munson - 42 Votes3rd Place - NextLevel.Healthcare, Steve Longpre - 38 Votes4th Place - Laura...

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MIN Foodie #9 - Lord Hobo Brewing Co. in Woburn

There was food, glorious food abound at MIN Foodie #9. Sixteen product launchers brought their local and global flavors to share. Sweet and savory scents filled the Lord Hobo Brewing Company's rustic warehouse, set upon a background of granite...

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Mass Innovation Nights 76 - MITRE in Bedford

We had an incredible time at MITRE for Mass Innovation Nights #76! The atrium inside one of the mid-century modern style buildings provided a perfect backdrop that beautifully juxtaposed the new technologies featured at the event. Barry Costa,...

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Mid Summer Innovation Night

I'm happy to announce that we'll be back at Alpha Loft on August 6 for a special NH Innovation Night. 
NH Innovation Night: Focus on New Hampshire's Clean Energy Future will be focused on clean, renewable energy and the New Hampshire...

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CityStart Boston Final Pitch Nights

Here's the rundown on the final CityStart Boston Pitch Night at the Fairmount Innovation Lab!  Who would you pick?
1. BloxYard is looking to optimize Boston’s innovation scene and create a discovery hub for Boston Innovation through the...

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Mass Innovation Nights 75 - Google in Cambridge

Mass Innovation Nights #75 couldn’t have gone better! Our sponsor and host, Google, offered an amazing set up at their Cambridge location – from the modern furniture in the lobby, the hardwood floors sourced from an old mill in Seattle, to the...

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